Buying in bulk saves time as well as money and it reduces packaging too. This why we offer organic products in bulk wherever possible.

2.5kg bags of basic pantry items like oats or rice are not hard for a family to use up, and because we keep our stocks buoyant, if you buy a larger pack from us chances are you will still have a good long shelf life in which to use it.

Although the bulk lines you see on this website rarely go above 2.5kg, we do offer a separate Bulk Price List to our members who often buy 25kg bags of bakers flour or 5kg bags of almonds, for example. We even supply some cafes because our prices are so competitive.

Of course buying in bulk doesn’t mean you have to consume it all yourself either – why not share the bulk between a couple of families?
Please also note that the shipping charges do get cheaper the more you order. 

If you are curious about our prices for volumes beyond what you see on this website, send us an email, understanding that these bulk prices are only available to our Members.

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