Kombucha Starter Culture (Scoby)

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Kombucha is an ancient, delicious healing and detoxifying drink made from a fermented tea. Health benefits attributed to Kombucha tea include stimulating the immune system, clearing candida, easing chronic fatigue and improving digestion and liver function. It contains vinegar, B vitamins and a number of other chemical compounds and has a reputation for healing hundreds of different ailments. Kombucha is also renowned as an anti-aging treatment and secret to retaining youthful looks! Most importantly it is also recognised as an effective chelator that removes heavy metals and a wide range of other toxins from your body.

The cost of producing Kombucha and Water Kefir at home is insignificant, as they are made from simple, commonly available ingredients. However it is important to follow the instructions precisely and be aware that environmental changes – ie temperature and humidity – can affect your brewing success, even from one batch to the next.

How to make Kombucha:

 You will need:
- 1 Kombucha Scoby
- 100ml mother tea
- 1 litre of boiling water
- 2 organic black tea bags
- ¼ cup of organic raw sugar
- 1 Large Glass jar
- 1 Cotton muslin cloth
- 1 rubber band

1. In a large saucepan, bring water to boil and then add 2 tea bags & ¼ cup of sugar
2. Brew the tea for 15 minutes then remove tea bags
3. Cool tea to room temperature
4. Pour cooled tea into a large glass jar
5. Pour in the mother tea
6. Add in the Kombucha Scoby
7. Cover top of jar with muslin cloth and secure with rubber band
8. Move your jar to a dark, warm place for culturing to work (ideally 22-26c)
9. Leave at room temperature and do not move for 7 to 14 days.

After 7 days, check your brew by tasting it. If the scoby has grown to the full diameter of the jar, your brew has worked. If the kombucha tastes good, it is ready!

Duration: Culturing period for Kombucha depends on your taste. Longer culturing time will make the Kombucha more sour, in fact it will eventually turn to vinegar if left for many weeks or even months.

This product consists of a small bag of Kombucha 'mother' tea, a starter culture, also known as a 'Scoby' (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and a brochure on how to make Kombucha, Jun and Water Kefir as well. The Scoby travels well in the post and does not need to be kept in the fridge. For this reason, we can ship it anywhere.

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