Mini Box (approx 5.5-6.5kg)

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Our boxes are delivered to our customers with the freshest produce available, often harvested within 24 hours of delivery.

Our MINI BOX consists of between 5.5 - 6.5kg of certified organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. See below for what's in this month's Mini Box.

Our Deliveries run on Tuesdays & Fridays - see map for details.

  • For TUESDAY delivery, orders must be received by 1pm SUNDAY
  • For FRIDAY delivery, orders must be received by 1pm WEDNESDAY

The volume of produce you see here will remain constant, but actual fruits and veggies may vary according to availability. We’ll pick orders by volume not number of each item too, so for eg if the tomatoes are small you will get more of them.

As with all of our seasonal produce boxes, you can make 2 special requests, so for example you can specify ‘no potatoes or tomatoes’, or ‘please include pumpkin and spinach’. Just add these in the comments field at checkout.

Click here for all delivery details.


  • Broccoli x 500g
  • Carrots x 400g
  • Corn x 1
  • Garlic x 60g
  • Onions - brown x 400g
  • Potatoes - sebago x 1kg
  • Pumpkin - butternut x 1kg
  • Tomatoes x 800g
  • Lettuce - Cos x 1
  • Spinach - baby leaves x 1 punnet
  • Apples - red x 375g
  • Bananas x 600g
  • Oranges x 450g
  • Strawberries x 1 punnet
  • Avocadoes x 5 little ones

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